3 Main Types Of System Voltages For Solar Street Lights

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3 Main Types Of System Voltages For Solar Street Lights

June 20
09:35 2022

Solar streetlights are a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly road lighting products.

Solar energy does not need to consume electricity, so it has great advantages and is vigorously promoted by the country in the construction of new rural areas. After several years of promotion and development, solar street lamps have been used in most rural areas.

The working principle of a solar street light is that solar cells receive sunlight to generate electricity in the daytime and charge the lithium battery through charge controller, and the electricity is stored in the lithium battery. Do people know something about system voltage of the lithium battery? If not, let’s take a look at what main types of system voltages are used for the lithium battery of a solar street light.

At present, there are three types of system voltages that are mainly used: 12V system voltage, 6.4V system voltage, and 3.2V system voltage.

1. 12V system voltage

For a solar panel with 18V output voltage, lithium battery voltage reaches about 12V under a full charge. 12V system voltage is relatively stable and its overall volume is reduced compared with 24V system. This type of voltage is often used in the lighting of provincial roads, national roads and rural roads (the lighting requirements of lighting projects are relatively low compared with the standards of municipal projects). As the mainstream voltage product, its price is cheaper than 24V system, has wider applications. Amber Lighting provides 12V lithium constant current integrated board and controller products that are different from the current limiting schemes available on the market and achieve true constant current, thus effectively improving the service life and performance of solar streetlights.

2. 6.4V system voltage

6.4V system voltage is suitable for those solar panels with 10V output voltage. With increasing demands of the market for cost control, many companies start to replace 12V system voltage with 6.4V system voltage as the mainstream product, and integrate the lithium battery and control system into the lamp. Structure optimization greatly reduces the quantity of materials used. Consequently, it will finally substitute 12V system voltage one day.

3. 3.2V system voltage

This type of voltage is mainly used for the solar panel with an output voltage of 5-6V and reduced volume. The solar streetlight using 3.2V system voltage also further reduced its cost, and is now applied for many household purposes. This kind of system voltage does not require too large light power, and requires short lithium battery life (6-8 hours per day).

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