How Using YouTube Animations and Call-To-Actions Can Boost Your Conversion on YouTube

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How Using YouTube Animations and Call-To-Actions Can Boost Your Conversion on YouTube

June 18
09:13 2022
How Using YouTube Animations and Call-To-Actions Can Boost Your Conversion on YouTube
Call-to-action animations are a crucial asset to increase conversion and performance for YouTube videos, but to create one, large pockets or advanced animation skills are required. But the top-rated company LenosTube now offers an extensive list of YouTube Animations which are free to download, to help YouTube creators focus more on content while reminding viewers to support their channel.

There is no debate that using YouTube animations as reminders can help creators scale their channels on this platform. These animations make the content look more attractive and remind viewers about supporting the channel. Countless reports have shown that call-to-actions directly correlate with a video conversion rate, and all the established creators rely on these animations to consistently grow their channels. 

However, creating a unique and compelling YouTube call-to-action animation is not always easy, as it requires to be advanced in video editing and animation skills. On top of that, spending time on new animations for every video can shift the focus from improving content for the viewers. For this reason, more and more creators are now try to download ready-made animations for free. But if finding great and professional animations for free was difficult, now the website LenosTube made it easier. This platform brings a massive variety of free to download animations to the clients, while offering complete licensing support. 

Even though crediting the owners is appreciated, clients maintain all rights to use the animations in their video productions after the purchase. Aside from saving time, downloading these high-quality animations allow users to enjoy a better conversion rate and make their videos look better. For this reason, it is becoming more and more common for creators to refer to marketing platforms like LenosTube when it comes to YouTube. 

Free YouTube Animations from LenosTube

LenosTube has been one of the oldest players in the industry, with a massive clientele. It focuses primarily on extending its marketing portfolio with improved packages that help creators shift their full attention towards generating better content. The latest addition of YouTube animations and call to action by LenosTube has further attracted the attention of many people, due to their distinctive and elegant animation designs and, of course, the possibility to download them for free.

These animations bring no risk to the creators, and all the content is purchased directly by Lenos to lend out to the creators. As long as clients have ownership of the rights of the video they are creating, they can freely use these call-to-actions without even crediting the authors.

In fact, while LenosTube does appreciate crediting the authors who allowed the platform to share their creations for free, it is not mandatory, and the final decision lands on the head of the creators. Nevertheless, these packages do not only give more time to creators but also allows them to provide a better output of their video production, by benefiting the whole YouTube chain, from creators to final viewers.

LenosTube paid a license fee to the authors for rights to use their animations and had their consent to partially share – for free – part of their animation packages with third party users. If users want to support the original creators of the animations, or if they wish to unlock access to the full set of animations, then they can purchase the full package.

This platform is constantly adding more animations to the pack and offers diverse designs to match the requirements of all creators. It further adds free samples and previews to give clients a better perspective on the outlook of the animations they can download. To learn more about all the animation packages offered by LenosTube and eventually download them to improve the quality of your YouTube videos, then visit their Free YouTube Animations page.  

Whether you want users to subscribe to your channel, like your video or leave a comment, this page got you covered. In fact, animations with different call-to-action are available, such as “like animation” or “subscribe animation”, to cover every aspect of YouTube conversion and engagement.

Customizing YouTube Animations 

All the animation packages are supported by professional editing programs, and clients don’t have to worry about downloading new software to use them in their video. All they have to do is to drag and drop the animations into the timeline of their video editing program and the magic is done. This is due to the fact that the default .mov format also allows clients to benefit from a transparent background that can be added easily to the existing content.

But, even with the extensive range of animations available on LenosTube, for some people sticking with the base version for every video is not always viable. So, LenosTube allows clients to customize the .mov file after purchasing the animation package. This customization option is not supported for samples and previews though, and clients must commit to a purchased animation package and support from the original authors to benefit from these features. In that case, clients can freely change color, text, and the basic design of the reminder

For some users, purchasing a complete animation will provide support for a large number of videos without worrying about any customization. Each package offers different themes and designs, and after purchase, creators can further reach out to the authors for special requests.

Securing A Higher Viewer to Subscriber Ratio

These YouTube buttons or animations indeed give the content a more professional look, but their main goal is to convert channel traffic into permanent subscribers, or to get more likes. These reminders might not seem that effective initially, but they do play a crucial role in encouraging viewers to subscribe and take supportive action towards the content. This improvement in the viewer-to-subscriber or like-to-view ratio is the primary reason why all the established creators make use of customized animations and call-to-actions in every video. When implemented with other growth tricks to ace it on YouTube, the impact of such animations on a channel’s growth can be considerable.

On the other hand, not every creator is skilled enough in video animations to create impactful buttons. It can take hours upon hours of editing to make a decent animation and shifts the focus from the actual content. So, we are thankful to the talented video editors who create ready to use, stunning YouTube animations and to the platforms such as LenosTube who share them for free, even there are just a few animations available for download.

It has become next to impossible for creators to establish their platform without seeking help from a marketing firm, and Lenos fills that gap with its exceptional portfolio of marketing products and an amazing panel of marketing experts.

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