Asif Ali Gohar Is Introducing Rice As A Vegan Substitute For Leather

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Asif Ali Gohar Is Introducing Rice As A Vegan Substitute For Leather

June 17
17:30 2022

Hamburg, Germany – Vegan leather is slowly becoming the norm around the world. Many people are experimenting with different materials. Even Asif Ali Gohar was experimenting, and he stumbled upon rice.

Asif was at the University of Hamburg, and during this time, he began his experimentations with rice. He kept on trying till he found a formula that turned rice into a leather slime. This was only possible because of acetic acid bacteria and yeast.

Such a discovery was astonishing for Asif because it allowed him to transform an ordinary and staple material in our lives, such as rice, into a vegan substitute for leather. Currently, no one else is using rice as an alternative, and Asif aims to change this because he is passionate about this cause. What was a tribute to his roots turned out to be something extraordinary for Asif.

That is because Asif was using rice for a reason. Leading an immigrant life is not easy, and one always needs to connect with their roots in some way. For this reason, rice was Asif’s way of going back to his childhood.

Now, he wants to use this to transform the leather industry of Pakistan. Pakistan is a big producer of leather and rice. Leather has a significant international market, and it makes up 4% of the country’s GDP.

On the other hand, Pakistan is also one of the top rice exporters. All of this excites Asif even more as he can connect with the people in his country to bring this revolutionizing change. Of course, it is easier said than done.

While Asif has a great vision, he does not have the funds or the resources to execute it because of many barriers. We all need help, and we need to ask for it when there is no other way. Asif is also asking for your help to transform the vegan leather industry.

If you are in the rice or leather industry in Pakistan, or you know someone who is, you can connect with Asif. He is looking for people to help him along this journey so he can pay the respect his country deserves in regard to leather and rice. They can compete and stay ahead of the international market with the right knowledge and tools, as Asif believes.

Call To Investors:

If you are an investor in Pakistan and you are looking to invest your money in something that offers unlimited potential, then you must get in touch with Asif. No one has tapped into the vegan leather market in Pakistan with such an affordable material, which is why this is an excellent opportunity for you. It will offer you high returns while ensuring your country stays relevant in the international vegan leather market.

For more information about Asif and his journey, please feel free to get in touch with us today. Even a small contribution will go a long way in helping Asif’s journey. Thank you for your patience and time.

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