Caelverum Social Media Trend – Follower Facade

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Caelverum Social Media Trend – Follower Facade

December 30
20:06 2021
Do follower numbers really matter? Caelverum breaks it down.

Sydney-based Social Media and Production company Caelverum continues to ensure they really understand and research ALL social media, and of course, with that comes sharing their findings and understandings to other Vibers (influencers), businesses, CEO’s, and anyone else serious enough about using/being on social media. On top of using their knowledge to be able to really help their clients and Vibers.

Below they have shared a snippet from their “Follower Facade” article that they think will benefit many greatly. It discusses why social media users and companies should perhaps not focus too much on follower numbers on social media, and why, and what other things to focus on instead.

The full article can be found on their website and/or they are more than happy for anyone to reach out via DM’s @caelverum should they have any further questions.

Social Media Superstars. I don’t know about you, but it is so common to hear someone say “OMG, have you heard of such and such? They are totally insta-famous!” Being social-media famous has suddenly become a social status, a lifestyle, and even a career for many people worldwide. Naturally, this has led to masses of people craving this lifestyle – chasing the almost celebrity-like status, chasing the want to be recognised and noticed, and of course, chasing the euphoric feeling from all the likes, the comments, and the followers.

Traditionally, the value in which we assign a social media profile is determined by their follower number. I am sure we can all agree that if we come across a social media page and see 100 followers, we most likely won’t be as impressed as if we came across a page with 100,000 followers. Therefore, I think I can safely say that those chasing the insta-famous dream may run the risk of mainly focusing on one thing – bigger follower numbers.

However, as social media continues to bloom, more people are becoming increasingly aware to not only look at follower numbers.

Large follower numbers might intrigue us to begin with; however, engagement, activity, and consistency are obvious to anyone who is willing to look at it.

This phenomenon is what we at Caelverum like to call Follower Facade – a somewhat deceptive outward appearance that hides what is truly underneath. As we look more into this “facade”, suddenly, we are not so easily wow-ed by large follower numbers which may cloud our judgement. Marketing teams and brand investors especially need to understand this idea as this may determine the difference between investing in loyal and real activity, versus investing in a large follower account that is 90% shell bots and fake followers.

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