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LUV NFT Marketplace wants to Diversify Blockchain and End Hate with NFTs

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LUV NFT Marketplace wants to Diversify Blockchain and End Hate with NFTs

May 06
17:44 2021
LUV NFT Marketplace wants to Diversify Blockchain and End Hate with NFTs
BLK LUV org is a blockchain nonprofit with the mission to diversify blockchain and end hate with love (LUV). The solution to ending hate is spreading love (LUV).

Tuesday it was announced that LUV NFT launched its gasless NFT marketplace, ( for digital items tied to nonfungible tokens (known as NFTs) in May 2021. NFTs are virtual items created on a blockchain — often used to certify unique ownership of a digital asset that could be anything from art, music, games, and even sports trading cards. LUV NFT has built a platform around simply letting users upload files to its servers and then time-stamping those uploads on the Polkadot blockchain. It’s a dead-simple mechanic with an ambitious framing, ensuring that creators maintain credit for their work as they create it. Before a social media user uploads their content to a social media platform for free, they now have the ability to claim ownership as the creator and monetize it with no middleman. Yes, you read correctly, for free and with no middleman.

“NFT Marketplaces are the new Altcoins, every company is making an announcement to launch a marketplace in hopes of a cash grab. However, LUV NFT differs from these other NFT marketplaces. None of the other platforms will be able to replicate the cause and purpose of blockchain diversity. Cryptocurrency won’t be mass accepted until the industry is diversified. LUV NFT will lead the creator’s economy in a manner that actually benefits creators more than the platforms that host their work,” said Hahz Terry, Founder of LUV NFT.

LUV NFT is one of many blockchain solutions created by BLK LUV org which solves a problem dating back to slavery for African Americans who’ve claimed that their original ideas were stolen by someone who was able to legally file a patent or copyright faster just to claim ownership and reap the benefits financially. The term “Culture Vultures” made famous by Dame Dash, perfectly describes this form of thievery which happens every day with African American culture’s art, entertainment, music, fashion, trends, and slang. “LUV NFT also solves the issue of African American startups only receiving 1% of VC funding and becoming reliant on a VC investing in their business to generate capital outside of a bank loan. This in turn allows users to take ownership of their finances and create their own capital. NFTs will become the new silicon valley and LUV NFT allows creators to easily enter into the new digital economy of the future and create their own start-up capital with NFTs and cryptocurrencies,” said Terry.

LUV NFT is a part of an NFT ecosystem built by BLK LUV org. Minting an NFT on the LUV NFT marketplace creates a social media post on our blockchain “Twitter-like” platform that we built. LUV NFT marketplace is integrated with our decentralized“Airbnb-like” rental platform for homes that are backed by NFTs. LUV NFT is also integrated with our LUV Metaverse Gaming Platform that will allow gamers to trade NFTs right within our game effortlessly.

You can support our solutions to diversifying blockchain on Follow our social media platforms @luvnft to learn more about the new digital economy.

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