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Industries in Bakersfield Have Access to Industrial Rubber Products

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Industries in Bakersfield Have Access to Industrial Rubber Products

March 19
22:18 2020
Industries in Bakersfield Have Access to Industrial Rubber Products

For thousands of years, rubber has been used in its natural form. Today, most types of rubber are synthetic, which means they are created using various polymers that are created from the byproducts of petroleum. Getting to know the different types of rubber and how they are used in the industrial setting can help a person see how beneficial this product is and understand the huge role rubber plays in today’s industrial world.

Also, by understanding the options, an industrial manager can determine what rubber options are needed for the work they do. Once this is known, they can begin shopping with a quality service provider, such as California Industrial Rubber Co. Keep reading to learn more about rubber and what is available today.

Natural Rubber

This type of rubber is commonly called India rubber or gum rubber. It is derived from latex that is found naturally in the Hevea brasiliensis tree (a.k.a. Para rubber tree). To extract this material, a tap is placed in the tree. Once in place, liquid latex will begin to drain into the collection containers.

This type of rubber is best known for its ability to resist high temperatures and the high level of durability it offers. Also, natural rubber is flexible, elastic, and resistant to surface friction, abrasions, and degrading. It can be found in an array of industrial items, such as insulation, balls, roofing and flooring, some varieties of foam rubber, gloves, and even tires. There are some adhesives, such as rubber cement, that also contain natural rubber. It can be purchased by visiting sites like

Neoprene Rubber

This type of rubber is commonly referred to as chloroprene. It is a type of synthetic rubber that has been around for a while. It is not as susceptible to burning, corrosion, or degrading as the majority of natural and synthetic rubbers available. That’s why it is often applied as a base coat material for adhesives, belts, high-pressure gaskets, and corrosion-resistant coatings. This variety of rubber is commonly used for weather-stripping on fire doors and emergency exits, and it can be found in masks.

Thanks to the insulating and waterproofing qualities it offers, it is able to be used for aquatic equipment, gear, and clothing. Because of its makeup, neoprene is commonly used as an alternative for latex. This is beneficial for those who have a latex allergy.

Buying Rubber for Industrial Purposes

When a business owner or manager needs to purchase rubber for any type of application, a good place to begin is by visiting By getting to know the options available, an individual is able to determine the right type of rubber needed for the job or application and determine if it has the right properties or qualities to handle a specific project’s needs. Remember, there are countless types of rubbers available, so this list just scratches the surface of the options. For those who aren’t sure about what rubber to use, take the time to do more research on the topic.

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