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Study Released on How Electric Bills Can be Lowered

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Study Released on How Electric Bills Can be Lowered

January 12
21:21 2021

Most folks are interested in discovering ways to lower their electric bill, particularly as the months become colder and the days become shorter. Longer nights mean more electricity is needed for lighting!

A recent study focusing on the differences between LED light bulbs and incandescent or fluorescent bulbs has shown, in fact, that electrical bills can easily be lowered by switching to the former.

Incandescent Bulbs – Expensive and Wasteful

A study by the Consumer Federation of America or CFA discovered some stark differences between households that used incandescent bulbs and those that used newer LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs.

In total, the survey found that:

  • LED bulbs had an average ten-year cost of around $15.40
  • incandescent or halogen bulbs had ten-year average costs of around $61

Because of these dramatic price differences, it’s no stretch to assume that many more consumers will start to transition to LED light bulbs, which represents a big win for consumers themselves, and the environment. LED bulbs can often provide the same amount of lighting as incandescent bulbs without requiring nearly as much electricity.

The study also showed that the typical American family used at least 20 indoor light bulbs throughout their home’s interior. Many families will no doubt want to tally up the potential savings they could enjoy by swapping out all of their incandescent bulbs for LED variants instead.

LED Bulbs are Eco-Friendly, Too

Furthermore, a study funded by the US Department of Energy found that LED bulbs are overall much more environmentally friendly than even compact incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Thus, science is clearly on the side of LED bulbs.

LED Lights for Future Homeowners

Fortunately, companies like Boundery™ currently offer a collection of effective LED lights that allow consumers to both save money and help save the environment in their own way.

For example, the Boundery™ EBULB™ is a one-of-a-kind emergency LED light bulb that utilizes a lithium-ion battery in the base. Once a power outage is detected, EBULB will automatically kick its lithium-ion battery into action, providing safe and clean energy so families can still maneuver inside their homes without danger. Even better, these lights produce just as much illumination as a traditional 60 W bulb while only using 9 W of energy.

Bounder™ also produces smart LED light bulbs like its Night2Day™ Smart Safety Bulb. This intelligent safety bulb has a built-in sensor that will automatically turn on as soon as the sun goes down. Even better, the LED bulb will turn off as soon as the sun comes up. This has the potential to save users a tremendous amount of money, both from the savings by using an LED light, as well as the automatic shutoff feature.

Like its counterpart, the Night2Day™ bulb uses up to 80% less energy compared to regular incandescent bulbs.

All in all, Boundery™ and companies like it are well-equipped to help consumers save money using modern LED light bulbs, while offering eco-friendly lighting solutions for those concerned about straining the environment. Learn more at

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