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Clapper launches new live streaming feature with monetization possibilities this New Year

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Clapper launches new live streaming feature with monetization possibilities this New Year

January 12
19:54 2021
Latest popular short video social platform Clapper has introduced a new live streaming feature this month which also offers content creators to earn substantial income.

Dallas, TX – January 12, 2021 – Clapper has some great news to share with members and fans this New Year. The leading independent short video social platform is pleased to announce the launch of their new live streaming feature this January which is poised to facilitate better communication and interaction between content creators and users from this New Year onwards. The live streaming facility also comes with easy monetization capabilities for the content creators.

Per the statements of Clapper spokesperson, Clapper is looking forward to developing a sustainable creator economy that will help to enhance the income of the creators and also serve as an inspiration for them to come up with better creative and more valuable contents.

“Beside Clapper FAM, a new monetization feature that allows creators to capitalize on super-fans. Clapper launched live streaming in Jan 2020 to further increase the timely communication and interaction between creators and users, and add more new ways for creators with a moderate audience to obtain substantial income. All we do is to build up a creator economy to increase the income of creators so motivate them to better create creative and valuable content. With monetization, Clapper now offers a practical path for content creators to sustain themselves on an ad-free and censorship-free social media platform”, stated the spokesperson of Clapper.

Another USP of Clapper is that the platform allows users to stream and share videos from social movements like protests or local event. The spokesperson stressed such shares render a unique perspective and can educate viewers about essential things that happen in the county. Besides, Clapper further encourages users to film and share events happening on the streets to make the world aware of the things going on in local communities.

Clapper is available for both Google Play and Apple App Store users and can be downloaded for free. The app houses an easy to use and intuitive interface where users can easily post videos or publish a video response (through ”clapback” feature). Users can also add various hashtags to their post to strengthen the SEO-quotient of their posts that will further help them to reach more numbers of viewers across the world. Added to posting, sharing and commenting on videos, Clapper even allows users to download their preferred videos in MP4 format as well as share them in popular social media platforms like Twitter instantly. 

“Here you have a platform that enables you to enjoy a sense of freedom to express opinions and views without restrictions (provided the content complies to national laws). This is a place where you can ‘be yourself’, follow your own instincts and set your own political agenda. You will be able to connect with lots of like-minded people here and be a part of a bustling community that will help to create a true sense of belonging.”

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