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Creative Biolabs Supplies Multiple Tetramer Products for Immunology Research

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Creative Biolabs Supplies Multiple Tetramer Products for Immunology Research

January 12
18:09 2021
Creative Biolabs is a world-recognized leading solution provider in the field of biotechnology, offering first-level tetramer products to support research in immunology and drug discovery.

New York, USA – January 12, 2021 – As a specialized solution provider in the field of biotechnology, Creative Biolabs delivers standard biotech products to global clients as a support of their projects or studies of various purposes, which are produced with the help of high-end productive platforms and sophisticated technologies. Regarding the tetramer, a kind of detection reagent that can be used in immunological research and detection, specific immunotherapy, and vaccine efficacy monitoring, Creative Biolabs recently updated its product list, with three categories available, which are MHC tetramer, CD1d tetramer, and MR1 tetramer.

MHC tetramer is popular among researchers, which consists of four major histocompatibility complexes (MHC) and antigen peptide binding monomer molecules, and is labeled with fluorescence. MHC tetramer can directly detect antigen-specific T cells. T cells recognize the specific epitope peptide complex bound by MHC molecules on the surface of target cells or antigen-presenting cells through TCR. When the monomer MHC molecule forms a tetramer, its affinity with TCR can be significantly improved, and the complex can be stabilized by combining with multiple TCRs so as to directly detect specific T cells.

The MHC tetramers at Creative Biolabs can be used for:

* Cancer research: screening tumor-specific antigens and assisting with basic research on cell therapy
* Quantitative detection of specific T cells: can be sorted out by flow cytometry for in vitro culture expansion and functional analysis
* Virology research: the study of virus-specific T cell immune detection and mechanism
* Antigenic epitope research: screening of immunodominant epitopes of antigen peptides
* Peptide affinity detection
* Vaccine design and treatment monitoring: screening of epitopes for vaccine design and vaccine toxicity and safety evaluation

Holding the expertise and supported by in-house scientists, Creative Biolabs can assist with developing CD1d tetramers, non-classical MHC molecules that are nonpolymorphic and conserved among species, and possess narrow, deep, and hydrophobic ligand binding pockets that present glycolipids and phospholipids to Natural Killer T cells. NKT cells co-express NK cell markers and a semi-invariant TCR, both of which are implicated in the immune regulation associated with a broad range of diseases.

Their expertise also extends to MR1 tetramer related products and services, to support the detection of mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells that can recognize a series of invading microorganisms and quickly eliminate them through intense inflammation and cell killing mechanisms.

The available products are guaranteed for quick delivery on a global scale. In addition, Creative Biolabs can help develop tetramer products according to clients’ requirements in a short turnaround time and guarantee quality. More details can be found at


Creative Biolabs is an international CRO organization that provides first-level services and in-compliance products to customers from pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and universities. Since the establishment in 2004, the company has extended its expertise to many areas and accumulated a good reputation in the industry through professional solutions, high standard products, and considerate after-sale service.

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