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Global first “Iron Jelly” created by EZZ scientists from New Zealand

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Global first “Iron Jelly” created by EZZ scientists from New Zealand

January 12
10:06 2021

A few days ago, New Zealand Gene Technology brand EZZ released 2021’s latest product – The world’s first iron jelly, which was highly concerned by the industry. It is reported that this is kind of magic jelly with main quick addition of iron elements to solve the problem of female anemia. It claims that it allows users to have “full blood resurrection” in 7 days.  Is it true? The reporter found out.

If someone tells you that eating jelly can solve the need for snacks in your spare time and quickly replenish the iron of your body, so as to solve the problem of anemia and pale face, cold hands and feet, insomnia, month dysmenorrhea, dizziness and other symptoms that are caused by lack of iron, will you believe it?

Such a magical product was made by a well-known technology company in New Zealand. A new zealand brand named EZZ has released the world’s first iron jelly under research by the New Zealand gene research center. Different from other jelly in general, this jelly is not only delicious, but also can enrich the blood, nourish blood and produce blood. It claims that two jellies a day is equivalent to eating 20 jin spinach and it can improve female anemia within 7 days.

According to the report, EZZ as the No .1 gene technology brand in Australia and New Zealand, based on the new Zealand gene research center, it successively created the NMN gene energy tablets, the HPV tablets, the weight loss jelly and many other popular products. A number of products have been certified by TGA the Australian Drug Administration, and its products are sold in Australia’s major pharmacies.

In the interview, the responsible person of EZZ told reporters, first of all, EZZ iron jelly is the first adopted the world’s latest generation of new iron supplements – “Citric acid chelate iron”, which is smaller, with higher absorption rate and more stable in structure than conventional iron elements. After the body is saturated, it can stop be absorbed, so that it is suitable for human body for long-term use. Second, in restoring hematopoiesis, the product covers vitamins C, vitamins B2, vitamins B6, vitamin E etc, to increase the absorption conversion by 6 times, for faster hematopoiesis. Third, in order to prevent the recurrence of anemia completely, this jelly was added with 10 natural berries, 10 fruits and vegetables, 5 herbal extracts and other highly water-soluble dietary fiber, containing passion fruit, mulberry, apple, raspberry, mangosteen, blueberries, matrimony vine, Matrimony vine and other organic fresh fruit, with comprehensive nutrition supplement, and efficient promotion of mineral absorption, to balance iron elements for comprehensive enhancement of ferroprotein savings.

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