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Petsmont Introduces Healthy and Certified Organic Paw Balm for All Dogs

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Petsmont Introduces Healthy and Certified Organic Paw Balm for All Dogs

January 11
22:54 2021
Petsmont Introduces Healthy and Certified Organic Paw Balm for All Dogs
Happy Paws – Happy Dog, 100% Natural and Organic.

Most dog owners will always remember their first dog. At Petsmont, founder Stephen Munive’s first dog was named Ginger. The memories made with that dog were priceless. Stephen Munive says, “My wife and I are also obsessed with nutrition and longevity.” With this type of background and passion for health, it comes as no surprise that Petsmont came out with Organic Paw Balm.

There are dogs all over the world that suffer from sore, cracked, and dried-out paws. This can make for some very painful days for these dogs. Petsmont’s Organic Paw Balm is effective at healing the dog’s cracked paws. It can be used on the dog’s nose, as well. This balm is soft and moisturizing. It is 100% natural and organic. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it is completely safe for all dogs.

Many dog owners have tried numerous other products to heal their dog’s paws and nose. Some of them work for a short while and then don’t anymore. The Petsmont organic paw balm is like a wax that helps to hold in the moisture. It protects and heals the suffering paws and noses of dogs. Some dogs even lose their grip and develop balance issues due to their cracked paws. This organic paw balm helps to restore the grip, so dogs can be more stable on their feet.

Dog owners want their pets to be healthy and happy. When suffering from painful paws and dried out noses, that isn’t possible. It is important that dogs have relief from these conditions. The Petsmont organic paw balm can be applied to a dog’s paws and nose. It can be applied to a dog’s elbows if needed, too. With the aloe vera and shea butter in this balm, the cracked areas can be healed without issue. There won’t be a residue or smell, like other products may leave.

Dogs need to go for walks. If a dog has cracked paws, this can’t happen, at least not without pain and/or discomfort. The Petsmont organic paw balm helps to add moisture to a dog’s paws to heal the cracking and discomfort. This way, the dog can walk comfortably again.

Choosing the best products, from food to leashes to health products, for a dog can be tough. Petsmont makes it easy by providing a wide range of healthy dog products such as organic paw balm.

As Leo Roux, CEO of Petsmont, said, “My pets taught me love and affection, and caring for others.” This same devotion can be given back to pets with kindness, love, and healthy choices.

About Petsmont

Petsmont always uses the healthiest ingredients when making pet products. The founder, Stephen Munive, and CEO, Leo Roux, enjoy helping others provide their pets with the healthiest and highest quality pet products.

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