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Life in Balance Careers Introduces the Newest in the Neuroscience of Change the Neuro Change Method™

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Life in Balance Careers Introduces the Newest in the Neuroscience of Change the Neuro Change Method™

January 11
22:39 2021
Developed in Partnership with a Team of Scientists the Neuro Change Method™ is a Breakthrough and Transformative Program changing the Global Coaching Landscape.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow concludes from his self-actualization theory that people have the drive to fulfill their goals, but only less than 1% of the total population accomplishes their aims. Life in Balance Careers introduces a new methodology called ‘THE NEURO CHANGE METHOD™ that is surprisingly more effective than personal development practitioners’ existing techniques. The Neuro Change Practitioner can use these techniques to help their clients emerge as a ‘New and a Happy Person.’

The program is based on the latest evidence on mind sciences and will change the way people think. Humans tend to have particular behavior, habits, and beliefs. These behaviors, habits, and beliefs are often in conflict with their desires. The ‘NEURO CHANGE METHOD’ intends to teach practitioners how to erase these conflicts and change people’s thinking so much so that goal achievement becomes automatic.

Professor John Bargh, Social Psychologist, reveals that AUTOMATICITY can be as high as 80% in our everyday life. “We become Subjects of Our Surroundings; Professor John Bargh says. “It’s a kind of blind obedience to the outside world.”

The training puts forward a fresh outlook and introduces three thoroughly researched courses: the NEURO CHANGE PRACTITIONER, the NEURO CHANGE MASTER PRACTITIONER and NEURO CHANGE MASTER TRAINER.

The NEURO CHANGE PRACTITIONER, conducted over six weeks, this course enables practitioners to teach their clients new practices to stimulate neuronal connections in the brain, replace negative habits with positive ones, and take goal-achieving actions unconsciously by putting their subconscious minds to work. Week one starts with understanding beliefs and looking at ways to install new beliefs. The course then progresses to change mindset, habits, usage of priming, the power of implementation intentions, and then the neuroscience of change. The course will help practitioners to assist their clients in becoming the best version of themselves. The course concludes with an exam and a certificate of completion.

The NEURO CHANGE MASTER PRACTITIONER is a more advanced four-week course. The course specializes in techniques that help identify emotional states and teaches using the states for personal benefit. The course helps enhance self-esteem, and improve behavior, thinking, and focus.

The NEURO CHANGE MASTER PRACTITIONER course is four modules that talk about Neuroscience of Emotion, Advanced Neuroplasticity, the new science of Mind Theory incorporating how to coach with powerful tools for developing powerful empathy, and the Neuroscience of Learning.

A team of eminent scientists in social and behavioral psychology will deliver the training to a New Class of Personal Development Practitioners.

There is also an executive level to this program, THE NEURO CHANGE MASTER TRAINER. NEURO CHANGE MASTER TRAINERS will complete both levels of training and will offer suitable candidates the Practitioner level training.

Please register join our global information webinar Thursday, January 21 @ 6pm with this link:

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