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RekMed Nurtures Future Medical Professionals with Life-Changing Planners

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RekMed Nurtures Future Medical Professionals with Life-Changing Planners

January 11
22:18 2021
RekMed Nurtures Future Medical Professionals with Life-Changing Planners

Planning and organization are essential for any task. But Jennifer Grooms, BSN-RN, realized that there are no specific planners in the market created specifically for medical students and professionals. On a mission to fill the gap, the former Emergency Department Nurse built RekMed, a company that challenges what a planner does and can do for nursing students.

RekMed provides the answer for nursing students and the medical community as a whole with its patent-pending high-quality planners. The product effectively assists them in organization and learning by providing bits of important information and engaging illustrations. Despite being founded at the onset of the pandemic, RekMed has achieved its first seven-figure mark in sales within a year. Besides planners, the company also offers “Nurse Life” accessories that make planning fun and exciting for students.

Besides catering to nursing students and nurses, RekMed is also launching its Vet Tech planner, a Critical Care Nurse Planner, a paramedic planner, and a dental planner, reaching more professionals in the medical field. “Say goodbye to the ‘cute cover’ planner and hello to a planner that will actually keep you engaged, learn, and organize,” shared Jennifer. The company believes that all information can be taught, but it is how the information is provided that makes the difference.

Before becoming RekMed’s CEO, Jennifer worked full-time as a nurse for over 14 years. But with the threats posed by the pandemic, as she had severe asthma, Jennifer decided to take a leave. With time in her hands, she focused on growing her business and further exploring her options as an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, Jennifer understands the learning difficulties and struggle to cope with the demands of the profession faced by today’s medical students. The CEO grew up with dyslexia. With the disability came the prejudice that she will never become a registered nurse. But Jennifer defied all odds and became a trauma nurse for eight years. “It hit me one day: it’s really not about how hard the information is. It’s just about how it is taught to someone and how to get it in their brain,” she said.

While there are many resources available for the nursing community, not everything is reading and learning-friendly. “RekMed goes beyond that by making all of their resources a step above by creating learning tools and activity pages that are by working nurses in the field that understand what you actually need to know,” said Jennifer. “When you buy a textbook, it is overwhelming with information. So instead, we break things down and make them simple while providing real nursing perspective and insight,” she added.

Additionally, RekMed is home to seasoned medical community professionals who share “nurse lingo,” and useful notes for the future generation of students aiming to join the field. The planner provides practical tips, hints, and tricks that would otherwise not be found in a basic planner. 

To learn more about RekMed, visit its website.

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