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Chris Kostantewicz Helping Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and Hollywood Companies Dominate on Social Media

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Chris Kostantewicz Helping Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and Hollywood Companies Dominate on Social Media

January 11
20:57 2021
Chris Kostantewicz Helping Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and Hollywood Companies Dominate on Social Media

Hollywood is a highly competitive environment. With icons, entertainment legends, and celebrities brimming over the edges at any given time, growing a following in the heart of the world’s media capital can be quite challenging. However social media expert Chris Kostantewicz was never the type to back down from the challenge. Today, he has grown his two-year-old agency, CK Media, into one of the premier firms in Los Angeles and the California region, with over 10,000 clients served since its humble beginnings.

Chris moved to LA in 2018 with practically nothing. He had minimal capital and no network or connections. But what Chris did have was the tenacity to build something from scratch. As a result, he has now become one of Hollywood’s go-to marketing experts, working with the top movie executives and various social media departments of entertainment companies all around the city and country. CK Media is a partner for many of the film industry’s biggest household names, including companies like Sony, Blumhouse, and Netflix. Chris has helped several hundred brands grow social media followings mounting up to the hundreds of thousands on many occasions. 

Although extremely successful, Chris Kostantewicz is quick to admit how challenging it all was in the beginning. “I was learning proper industry business standards whilst building a quarter of a million-dollar annual revenue business of my own,” shares the social media guru. “We really had to stick it out as a company by understanding the industry we’re in, providing solutions for your brand that are top-tier, what you’d expect from a Los Angeles based Silicon Beach start-up.” Today, Chris has gone the full distance and built a company that has mastered the art of creating dynamic, aggressive social proof for some of the biggest clients. 

CK Media uses some of the most cutting-edge organic growth tactics to elevate Hollywood’s hottest brands, celebrities, and influencers. The company provides various services, including PR and press solutions, celebrity promotion strategies, and even auto-pilot advertising. The company puts top-tier attention to creating pleasing client experiences and delivering quality and results through a rigorous practice of finding the devil in the details and leveraging high-impact activities. 

Many of CK Media’s clients liken their working relationship with the social media growth hacking firm to a luxury-tier experience, leading to a lot of word-of-mouth growth. “We aim to create a VIP environment, providing utmost service that’s exclusive to an interview process on whether or not working with us is a good fit for your brand, only attracting the most serious and intentional clients,” adds Chris. “We never focus on old outdated agency models to help clients grow on Instagram and other channels, which generally has given us a competitive edge since 2018.”

The company’s greatest goal goes past the shallow need to fatten a bottom line. CK Media hopes to push the envelope of social and digital growth, leading the way instead of merely following the trend. As a result, CK Media has flourished even in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crash. Chris Kostantewicz shares how the company has quadrupled its output amidst the global crisis. He hopes to push the company’s boundaries more in the coming years and blaze a trail for all young entrepreneurs all over the west coast.

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