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Jennica Griffin Is a Model and Businesswoman with a Passion for Meaningful Service

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Jennica Griffin Is a Model and Businesswoman with a Passion for Meaningful Service

January 11
20:33 2021
Jennica Griffin Is a Model and Businesswoman with a Passion for Meaningful Service

The world is in a financial crisis, and poverty is still pretty much rampant in all nations worldwide. In America alone, 10.5 percent of the entire population are living in poverty, according to a recent census. Jennica Griffin hopes to alleviate the problems of poverty and help a lot of people overcome the problems they face.

As a young kid, Jennica Griffin had always keenly observed that most Americans have been living from paycheck to paycheck. She has seen adults always work for money so that they could bring it into their respective households. When Jennica was a teenager, her sister would send her to school to sell flower pens, and they would sell baskets at the flea market.

She always had a knack for being an entrepreneur, and she had worked all her life since she was young, so it became second nature to her one way or another. At such a young age, Jennica Griffin realized that people needed to create their own financial stability, and when she became older and met other business owners within their specific industries, she realized that she needed to stake her own claim in the business world.

In 2016, Jennica Griffin began college while working part-time. Her goal was to major in health care and business management since she had always wanted to help people through her business skills. Her passion for knowledge and research made her a consistent role model for other students, allowing her to maintain her honor roll status.

However, tragedy struck in 2017. Jennica Griffin was involved in a horrible car accident, which nearly cost Jennica her life. The near-death experience felt very traumatic to Jennica, so she couldn’t complete all of her courses. She plans on enrolling once the global pandemic subsides, but when she turned 20 years old, she landed a spot to model in a hair magazine.

The modeling contract allowed her to meet other people and allowed her to amass a lot of experience and opportunities. Her beauty managed to draw a lot of attention to her, even landing her a gig in sports modeling. She also had the chance to appear in clothing boutiques and entertainment shows, which gave her even more exposure to the industry.

Tulane University has educated Jennica in so many ways, which allowed her to retain all of the knowledge and carry it over to her various career opportunities. She was able to work in the pharmaceutical industry for five years, where she learned the importance of health and wellness. She loves helping assist patients with medication and even has her own pharmacy discount code, which patients can use to receive a lifetime discount in their local pharmacies. 

It’s clear to see that Jennica Griffin has a passion for helping others and the perfect amount of business management skills that allow her to excel in her field. She firmly believes in her capacity to acquire every piece of knowledge there is to correctly manage a business or a business deal in itself. With the way things are going now, there’s nowhere to go but up for the budding entrepreneur.

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