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Artist Taylor Curtis Releases New Single ‘SOS’

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Artist Taylor Curtis Releases New Single ‘SOS’

January 11
18:57 2021

Canada – When it comes to music that makes a person feel, Taylor Curtis does it well. This Canadian artist knows how to make people think. He also knows how to get people to feel.

There’s a bit of everything in “SOS.” It’s a song that has a bit of an existential crisis. The mood is a bit somber when he asks about what good everything is when we’re just wasting away. He even talks about soldiers going to war. Really, probably everyone has questioned this at some point.

There is a certain inspiration that drives these guitar narratives. His sound is like Radiohead, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys melded into one. Like these bands, he’s not afraid to be a bit experimental. He sings the lyrics but they also have a bit of a cryptic nature. A person can hear him but kind of has to strain to know what is being said. When the lyrics are heard, they may not be completely understood.

This word salad is still meaningful enough though to make a point. The point of this is that it’s OK to question the world around. There’s a time to reflect and sometimes that can be when listening to a broody song. After all, we’re all just wasting away a bit anyways so we minus well take a break. This seems to be an overarching theme.

People love to question things. There are always things in life too that can make people stop to think. One of these can certainly be if a person breaks up with another person. The person left behind is always left to feel a little bit like meaning in life is gone. This is where Taylor Curtis’ music can really blend into the dissonance already in one’s head.

Overall, the band has a rock vibe that sticks to the mantra that pleasant choruses lead to hits. This song is really a hit in the making. It shows that people are willing to listen to music that is rock and alt but that they also like a song with a clean, pleasant chorus.

There are certainly many places that Taylor Curtis can take his music. It seems that this Canadian band is destined for global stardom. It’s just that the music is too good to be kept as a hidden gem.

So, look out world because Taylor Curtis is out to take the alt rock music scene on. If a person wants to hear what “SOS” is all about, then the individual can go to Spotify. This music is a highlight to the day and certainly shows that Canada is not done giving from its pockets of talent. There is a trajectory for the singer and it is only going to be vertical from here.



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