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Artist Juno Star Experiments With New Single ‘Love Me Touch Me’

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Artist Juno Star Experiments With New Single ‘Love Me Touch Me’

January 11
18:45 2021

New York, USA – These sounds, these sounds, they’re swirling around me. This is the way that the Juno Star “Love Me Touch Me” can make a person feel. It really shows that Juno Star has the power to evoke strong emotions. It’s a bit of a tide that comes over a person when hearing the chorus repeated.

The best part of the song is definitely the chorus. All of the single is excellent, but the chorus sounds like something destined for the radio. Juno Star collaborates with Koil on this one, making it a track that is worth putting on any playlist. The Koil part is a bit of rap that still really mingles in with the pop. This must be why the Alt-Pop band stands out. Juno Star is not afraid to experiment with sound.

The star is used to things that are new. He trailblazes the genre but he also stands out as a queer artist. There are not too many queer male pop stars on the scene now. The singer manages to make hits that could rival Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Yet, the artist is male so it is interesting that the sounds still sound like they belong beside a single from either artist.

There’s a lot of emotion in the song. The singer implores his lover to love him and touch him. It’s a theme that is not explored a lot in the days of the pandemic. We’re all being told to stay away from partners and even encouraged not to kiss. This is a bit of a risque theme even though Juno Star was probably not meaning to make the single relevant to 2020.

It’s what the world is longing for after so long in isolation. The song is really about the sense of touch in essence. It might have been something that people took for granted in other eras. However, now it’s not to be trifled with at all. Every touch is noticed. A single touch from another human can be powerful or from the wrong hand, deadly.

We all need more anthems that explore the lighter side of life in 2021. We need to be reminded that people still want their partners to caress them. That it is so important to have that love language expressed.

Juno Star has a promising voice and sings the lyrics with crystal clarity. He has an aptitude for song-writing as well, which is expressed in the lyrics. The song can be heard on YouTube Music among other platforms.

It’s nice too that there are places that people can go too to hear full versions of the song. Once people hear it, it will probably be something that they realize is worth having. It’s a little bit like the sense of touch itself, which we all realize is poignant and longed for.



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