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GenCrafts has cheerful news for Art enthusiasts as it announces the launch of a brand-new Epoxy Resin Kit

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GenCrafts has cheerful news for Art enthusiasts as it announces the launch of a brand-new Epoxy Resin Kit

January 08
17:51 2021
Setting higher standards in the Arts and Crafts industry, Gen-Crafts is keeping its customers satisfied by introducing premium products at affordable rates!

California, USA – GenCrafts is a growing art and crafts brand that has established itself as a trusted name when it comes to providing top quality art products. The company has managed to sustain a huge customer base in a short span of time due to the excellent quality of products that it sells. Recently, GenCrafts has announced the launch of a new product called Epoxy Resin Kit that is going to come in handy for art lovers of all skill levels.

The new Epoxy Raisin Kit introduced by GenCrafts is crystal clear and an optimal choice for a variety of projects including casting, sealing custom tables, and bar work. It works flawlessly with mica powder and also glow-in-the-dark pigment powder. The Epoxy Resin Kits are BPA and VOC free which makes them completely safe for children. The designers of this product have ensured the usage of high-quality materials so that it can add more charm to the creations of the artists who use it. While talking about the vision of the company, one of the managers at GenCrafts said: “We believe that nothing is more Genuine than expressing one’s creativity through something handcrafted. That is why we are passionate about art and want to share our love for cutting edge, high-quality products as well as new ideas to excel your creative and artistic visions. Genuine Crafts is the place for you to feel inspired, welcomed, and excited about arts and crafts. We specialize in bringing you the latest and greatest crafting tools and art mediums. Happy Creating!”

The Epoxy Resin Kits designed by GenCrafts can be used to create beautiful and unique Silicone Molds, Jewelry, Art, Coating, Tumblers, and other items. Users can combine it with other additives like glitter, mica powder, and liquid pigment to produce highly customized products. The kits are available in two sizes, 16 oz., and 32 oz. and can be used for all casting and coating projects. The Epoxy Resin is structurally sound and is very easy to use for even beginner level artists because of the simple 1:1 mixing ratio.

The latest Epoxy Resin Kits introduced by GenCrafts have been highly loved by the customers. They have expressed that this Epoxy Resin mixes and levels particularly well as compared to other resins available in the market. Buyers also loved the clear and easy to follow instructions that come with these kits because it enabled beginner artists as well to practice their craft. Furthermore, there is no smell in this product and can be used to make a variety of projects.

GenCrafts new Epoxy Resin Kit has become one of their BEST Sellers!

To celebrate, GenCrafts is giving away a special 15% off discount coupon code to try their Epoxy Resin Kit. This way more people can experience the art of Epoxy Resin at the lowest possible launch price.

To get yours now, visit

About the Company:

GenCrafts is a genuine Arts & Crafts company that makes art supplies affordable and high quality. The company specializes in bringing you the latest and greatest crafting tools and art mediums.

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