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Prize-Winning Author Ruth Finnegan Presents a Delightful Version of the Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor’s Early Voyages

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Prize-Winning Author Ruth Finnegan Presents a Delightful Version of the Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor’s Early Voyages

January 08
15:25 2021
Ruth Finnegan creates a unique version of the famous adventures of Sinbad the Sailor.

Ruth Finnegan, the writer, and publisher of many books covering a wide spectrum of topics, has cast her magic yet again. The multi-award romance-novel author has come up with a creative and delightfully different version of the famed adventures of Sinbad the Sailor. The book titled ‘Whales and Magic’ has mesmerizing pictures by Kevin Nara. 

“Whales and Magic is something children will love to read, thanks to the unique story and action-packed fantastic pictures,” says Ruth Finnegan. “I have given a different treatment to the ancient tale which will surely charm young as well as old readers. The ancient tale has been drawn from the magical Middle Eastern treasure house of wondrous sea voyages including The Arabian Nights, as also Homer’s Odyssey.”

The picture book story not only has an interesting plot but also contains a powerful message. Ruth Finnegan ensures there is a deeper moral behind the story of Sinbad the Sailor which can act as an inspiration for young minds. The colorfully illustrated story has a fair dose of magic and fantasy.

Whales and Magic is a great book to read aloud to individuals or groups. Finnegan has introduced a very innovative way of keeping children engaged and eliciting responses from them by asking questions throughout the book. Educators and parents reading the book aloud can pause at the questions and wait for responses to have a truly interactive reading experience.

Whales and Magic, the modern version of the popular mythological adventure tale for children by Ruth Finnegan, retells the tale of Sinbad the Sailor for today’s generation. The smart use of alliteration and repetition is evident throughout the book. Finnegan employs unique methods in her narrative to make sure that her young audience gets fully involved in the story of the young sailor and his encounter with a whale. 

The enticing illustrations add more impact to the tale by creating a feeling of real action and animation in every panel of the story. The story and the illustrations together create a magical experience that takes the idea of story-telling to a different level altogether.

Whales and Magic has attracted hugely positive reviews on Amazon and other online portals. 

“This picture book story has an interesting plot and a powerful message,” says Emily-Jane Hills Orford, the author of several books. “There is a deeper moral behind the story of Sinbad the Sailor. At least, in this story there is. And it’s a good moral to learn. The story is colorfully illustrated by Kevin Nara, which helps move the events along.”

“When it comes to stories that capture children’s imaginations, both plot-wise and visually, Sinbad’s tales fit the bill. But will yet another Sinbad story be welcomed by teachers and parents? Well, if that book is Whales and Magic, written by Ruth Finnegan and illustrated by Kevin Nara, the answer is “yes”, provided the book is read aloud to groups or individuals.” – This is how Viga Boland has reviewed the book. 

The Kindle Edition of Whales and Magic is available on Amazon. Click on this link to place an order:

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