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There Are Certain Ways To Keep Moonstone Bright and Beautiful

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There Are Certain Ways To Keep Moonstone Bright and Beautiful

January 07
19:15 2021
There Are Certain Ways To Keep Moonstone Bright and Beautiful

Moonstones are mystical and beautiful gems, but they are often overlooked when it comes to jewelry selections in favor of flashier stones. They can offer unique, subtle designs, as well as positive energy and balance to the wearer. 

Where to Find Moonstone Jewelry

There are numerous options when it comes to moonstone jewelry. Moonstone can be fashioned into rings, pendants, earrings, and more, as seen at There are two vital factors to consider when selecting moonstone jewelry, the unique personality and style of the wearer, and the care that the supplier has put into curating moonstone jewelry.  

The Museum of Jewelry offers both of these factors through hand-selected pieces that are certain to complement the personal style of any wearer. 

About Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is beautiful, but it comes with another purpose as well. Many believe moonstone helps relieve stress and balance emotions in the wearer. Moonstone may help bring balance to all aspects of life while also aiding in physic development and the creation of a connection with the divine. 

These beneficial properties are the reason why it’s so important to choose a knowledgeable and reputable jewelry supplier, like the Museum, when selecting moonstone jewelry. The Museum was founded in 1964 out of a love of travel, culture, and history that now allows clients to access unique, beautiful jewelry from around the world. The full story of the Museum is available at

Restoring Moonstone Jewelry 

Moonstone is a soft stone and therefore requires careful care to keep it bright and beautiful. The simplest way to keep moonstone jewelry in pristine condition is to make sure to take it off when taking part in any activity that might expose the moonstone to chemicals or the risk of scratching. When the moonstone jewelry is not worn, wrap it in felt and place it in a felt-lined jewelry box. 

To clean everyday dirt and grime from moonstone jewelry, soak the moonstone in warm, soapy water for two to five minutes, then carefully dry it with a cloth. However, some forms of moonstone upkeep require methods that are less common in typical jewelry upkeep.

To cleanse the moonstone of negative vibrations, gently wash the moonstone in running, natural water. In a pinch, tap water will also do. This can also be accomplished by submerging the moonstone overnight in a mixture that is half salt and half water before rinsing it with cool, running water in the morning. 

To release negative energy absorbed by the moonstone, one can also smudge their moonstone. Using a smudging stick or incense, hold the moonstone in the smoke for 30 seconds. After the negative energy is removed, it’s time to restore the moonstone with positive energy. Positive energy can be restored by placing the moonstone outside under the light of a full moon for a night or by holding the moonstone close to the Third-Eye Chakra and declaring one’s purpose each night, for three nights.  

Moonstone jewelry is a wonderful gift for anyone, whether they are suffering from emotional imbalance, looking to attract positive energy, or simply appreciate beautiful artistry. Moonstones are a beautiful way of thanking and appreciating oneself and others. 

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