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Caldonia Rudd: Empowering Women By Reminding Each That “She Is Phenomenal”

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Caldonia Rudd: Empowering Women By Reminding Each That “She Is Phenomenal”

January 06
21:39 2021
Caldonia Rudd: Empowering Women By Reminding Each That "She Is Phenomenal"

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants,” are the words of the fashion designer, Coco Chanel. Many young women have big dreams and visions in life, but historically, the hurdles they must overcome are much greater than others’. Despite so, when equipped with the knowledge, guidance, and access to other resources, their chances for success drastically increases. Caldonia Rudd is a life coach, talk show host, and entrepreneur dedicated to guiding young women on their paths to success.

The life coach is dedicating much of her time to empowering women and creating better opportunities for them to live the lives they desire. Operating with integrity, loyalty, and responsibility as her core values, she coaches women on overcoming self-limiting beliefs, goal-setting, and building essential leadership skills. Her efforts for women empowerment are channeled through two enterprises: The Caldonia Rudd Show and She Is Phenomenal, LLC.

The Caldonia Rudd Show is on Preach the Word Network TV, and airs at 11 a.m. (EST) on Wednesdays. The show is about empowerment and inspires women to live their dreams by providing a platform for other hardworking women to talk about their personal experiences and share tips and useful knowledge on how they became successful in life. On the other hand, She Is Phenomenal has partnered with the Big Brother Big Sister organization to provide mentorship to young moms. 

Growing up in the inner city of St. Louis in Missouri, surrounded by poverty and hopelessness, is what instilled the passion for mentoring girls and coaching women in Caldonia Rudd. Some women live their entire lives only talking about their goals, not realizing that they have endless pools of potentials within themselves and the capacity to achieve those goals with their own efforts. Had there been anyone at the backs of these people, pushing them forward and spurring them to action, they could have overcome their circumstances.

The life coach had thought that she would live forever in poverty and struggle as well, which is also the reason that she is well-acquainted with the power of changing mindsets. Mind setting is another skill she teaches women, and with it, women can better not only themselves but also help others around them.

Despite the accomplishments of being a certified life coach, entrepreneur, and talk show host, she sets her goals higher: to become a transformational public speaker and expand her reach to touch the lives of many more women than she does today. Still, while she loves and enjoys the work she does, she emphasizes the importance of balancing work and recreation. With a beautiful family composed of herself, her husband, and her two children, she makes sure to reserve quality time for them. With activities such as cooking with the children, the mess and chaos of having kids mix ingredients are well worth the beautiful memory they will treasure forever.

Today, Caldonia Rudd lives a life she enjoys and hopes to bring others to achieve the same fulfillment she has through her various undertakings. Learn more and get in touch with her using the details listed below.

Media Contact
Company Name: She Is Phenomenal, LLC
Contact Person: Caldonia Rudd
Email: Send Email
Phone: 3602141858
Country: United States

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