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Car Guy Garage owner Jim Frey shares New Year resolutions on organizing and cleaning garage

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Car Guy Garage owner Jim Frey shares New Year resolutions on organizing and cleaning garage

January 06
20:08 2021
Expert New Year tips on keeping a garage organized and clean by leading garage unit company co-founder

Chicago, Illinois – January 6, 2021 – Just like the dining room or living room, the garage is also one of the most significant aspects of a house. In other words, a properly functioning home is never complete without a neatly organized garage. With the New Year setting in, it’s about time to take care of the garage to ensure a smart functional garage space throughout the year. In that light, here are excerpts of an interview of Car Guy Garage co-owner Jim Frey who has shared the top New Year Resolutions on organizing and cleaning a garage.

Founded in 2006, Car Guy Garage has been a leading name in garage storage and organization space for more than a decade now. The company extends both products and ideas to create an efficient as well as enjoyable garage space where one can both work on effectively and have friends over. 

Q: Hi Jim, Happy New Year!

Jim: A very Happy New Year. 

Q: So, a lot of people have yet again made a New Year Resolution to clean and organize the garage. Is there any guideline on where to start? 

Jim: Well, the first step is to create a functional workspace inside the garage.

A disorderly garage is not only frustrating but leads to sheer waste of time. If it’s not organized properly, half of the time is wasted in searching for tools or that thing one knows he bought and put somewhere but just can’t seem to find. It’s a busy world today and people really don’t have the time to waste looking for tools while working on a project. Setting up an organized workspace in the garage means someone will have his tools organized in the space they always are, and when one buys that thing to complete a project, it has a place to be stored. Once one is ready to tackle the project, he can sit at his workspace with his tools and the parts he has purchased and make the best use of his time.

Creating this magic workspace is a project in itself. It’s the first forward step in making a garage an enjoyable place instead of a place of frustration. Everyone likes completing a project, but starting one can be a point of procrastination. When someone has projects to complete, adding on the project of creating his garage workspace usually falls to the bottom of the list. Hopefully this New Year pushes it to the top for most.

Q: Great advice! Putting in some time now will pay off with less frustration and time later. It’s funny how people can reflect on the past year now and make cleaning the garage a resolution but forget about it come March. So once a workspace is created, what’s the next step in garage organization?

Jim: The second step is to understand how everyone should store items in his garage. Things like sporting equipment, bikes and fishing rods, should be stored in an area toward the front of the garage where one can easily access them and not hinder a spur of the moment activity. Bulk purchases like the 50 pounds of toilet paper one might have purchased last year should be stored toward the front of the garage close to the door of the inside home, making it easy to access them to re-supply one’s interior home. And things like Christmas decorations should be stored in overhead areas, like overhead racks or an attic space, where they are a little harder to get to, but one only needs access to them a couple times a year. Understanding what someone owns, and how he uses it, really needs to be thought about so he can store it properly. Car Guy Garage has been helping people to do this for over 14 years now, and everyone is different, but there are some basic rules that work for everyone.

Q: That makes a lot of sense. People can see why they would want easy access to their bulk toilet paper purchase close to their interior door, no need to put it next to their shovels by the garden hose. They can’t just make piles of things around the garage. 

Jim: (Smiles) Exactly. This is the specialty of Car Guy Garage. Everyone is going to need to invest in the essential storage mediums. There are various storage mediums for proper garage organization. Garage cabinets are the most vital storage instrument here and one can check out the vast and versatile inventory of garage cabinets at Car Garage Guy website There are steel cabinets, aluminium cabinets, cabinets with textured PVC laminate and so on. What someone needs depends on his budget and space.

Then, there are pegboards to hang garage accessories and tools. They eliminate the mess of crowded garage floors littered with piles of tools which is otherwise rather unsafe. More importantly, pegboards display tools and  accessories so that users can find the tools they need faster and more conveniently, cutting that project time in half.

Everyone’s storage needs are different, but Car Garage Guy has thousands of products that cover everyone’s storage needs. And if someone has some oddly unique storage need, the company can make something custom for him, like the diamond plate laser tag vest rack Car Garage Guy made for one of the customers.

Q: Are there some tips for those with limited storage space? They might not have a garage, but a storage closet that needs help?

Jim: The same rules apply to any storage space. Users should take note of everything they currently have in the space, along with anything they might want to add. Then users have to understand how they would use these items, and classify them by how they use them. Items that are used regularly need to be easily accessed. These types of items are great on hooks, or open shelving, where one can grab them and go without having to search for them. Other items that one wants to keep, but don’t often use, are great in harder to access areas like ceiling storage racks. Oftentimes people overlook the vertical areas of a space, which can be vast, so one shouldn’t be afraid to create a storage area that takes a step ladder to access. One will have items that will find a nice home in this rarely accessed space. 

Q: Finally, what would be the resolution about keeping the garage clean and tidy?

Jim: Everyone should keep the New Year resolution about cleaning the garage every year. The first year is the hardest, it’s intimidating. But, when people will keep at it every year, they will eventually be putting down an epoxy floor and really making the garage into a space they want to hang out in. A user probably visits his garage at least twice a day, and it’s probably the biggest open space in his home. Making it into a functional space not only helps him with his projects, but it also increases the value of the overall home. It’s a worthy investment. 

Car Guy Garage is bustling with a vast and versatile inventory of garage-related products and accessories, ranging from storage to décor to flooring finishes and more. In regard to storage, the company offers all the major garage storage mediums, including but not limited to cabinets, pegboards, tool carts, overhead shelves, attic lift, storage, car dollies and so on. Additionally, there is a separate section for cabinets on the company website. From sandstone steel cabinets to White MDF cabinets to Diamond Plate cabinets, the company stocks all the popular models sourced from leading manufacturers. Customers can also place orders for modular or customized cabinets. 

“We help garage owners to transform their garages into a comfortable and functional place for both work and play. The idea is to make the garage another room in the house with Car Guy Garage”, Jim added in.

For more information about Car Guy Garage, please visit 

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