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Sako Tarinian: Journey From Social Media Influencer To Successful Business Owner

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Sako Tarinian: Journey From Social Media Influencer To Successful Business Owner

January 06
08:09 2021
Sako Tarinian: Journey From Social Media Influencer To Successful Business Owner

When social media first made an appearance, nobody expected it to turn into what it is today. Sako Tarinian grew up when platforms like Facebook and Twitter were new to the world. Most of his friends were using the apps to chat, make friends, and keep up with their favorite celebrities. Sako saw something different with these new online trends and wanted to explore the opportunity.

One thing that Sako loved about social media from the start was that he could build communities for people with different interests. If someone felt like they didn’t fit in with the people around them at school or work, there was always an online community they could turn to where they could find people like them.

Sako ended up creating several pages based on different interests (such as sports, cosmetics, humor, etc) and was one of the first kids on Twitter to meme pages. He spent a lot of time creating content for people with different interests to enjoy, which was the beginning of a trend that is huge today. 

How Sako Tarinian Turned His Hobby Into A Living

All of Sako’s work creating content helped him gain over 10 million Twitter followers. Even though he began his journey of content creating for fun, he ended up learning a lot about engaging with people online. He understood how to connect with people through the app, and discovered that he was also able to sell to them as well.

He began testing the waters of online sales through promotions for big bands. Sako was able to use his online interacting skills to introduce their music to thousands of new fans, which helped them increase sales of their albums, merchandise, and concert tickets. This line of business came naturally to Sako, and he knew it was time for his next step.

Sako now spends most of his time working for his own agency Wavy Studios. He partners with different brands and celebrities and helps them to increase their revenue online through:

  • Social Media
  • Influencers
  • Paid Media
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Email Marketing

When Sako isn’t busy with his online marketing agency, he can be found hard at work on his own brand Lulus. Lulus is an earring and piercing design company. This up and coming brand has already amassed over 1.6 million social media followers.

For more information about Sako Tarinian, visit his Instagram page at, or visit to learn more about his digital media services.

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