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Innovative Analytical Services of Creative Biolabs to Support the Research on Immune Cell Receptors

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Innovative Analytical Services of Creative Biolabs to Support the Research on Immune Cell Receptors

December 14
10:21 2020
Creative Biolabs is a specialized solution provider of antibody discovery and engineering, offering first-level services to global clients who are working on novel immunotherapies with the support of high-end technology platforms and seasoned scientists.

New York, USA – December 14, 2020 – T cells (thymus cells) and B cells (bone marrow- or bursa-derived cells), also known as lymphocytes, are the major cellular components of the adaptive immune response. The cell receptors on the surface of T and B cells have crucial functions in the adaptive immune system, which are essential research targets of many immune-mediated diseases. Creative Biolabs provides first-level analysis services regarding the BCR repertoire and TCR repertoire with the exclusive and powerful technology platforms, supported by seasoned scientists.

TCR Repertoire Analysis

To help researchers deepen their study on the T cell receptor, integral services are provided, which are TCR sequencing and TCR repertoire sequencing that take advantage of the powerful sequencing technologies, including the database assisted shotgun sequencing (DASS) and the exclusive Magic™ platform.

De Novo TCR Sequencing

With the proprietary DASS technique, Creative Biolabs has obtained the sequence information for soluble and functional human or mouse TCRs with 100% coverage of V(D)JC regions, achieving unprecedented accuracy ever. In addition, combined with the Orbitrap mass facility and data-mining algorithm, Creative Biolabs can differentiate multivalent TCR complexes from avidin/streptavidin or artificial tags, which are not affected by the biotinylation.

Magic™ TCR Repertoire Sequencing

The sequencing on CDR regions of the 4 types of TCR chains is based upon the Magic™ platform that is integrated with the next generation sequencing technique, which accepts almost all TCR repertoire from RNA of either human or mice, and can help obtain the sequence data of whole covered CDR 3 regions of the TCR. Large-scale sequencing projects and customized solutions are all acceptable for the Magic™ solution portfolio.

B-cell receptor (BCR) Repertoire Analysis

Creative Biolabs can analyze BCR repertoires of human or mice on a large scale using the unparalleled NGS technologies-embedded Magic™ platform, during which process the RNA from whole blood or B cells is required as the template for amplifying CDR. It is worth mentioning that both the heavy chain and the light chain of CDR regions are fully covered and 100% accurately analyzed and the sequencing result is precise, with a comprehensive BCR repertoire report containing both the hypermutation and isotype data.

“We’ve done a lot of sequencing projects,” said a scientist, “and we’re receiving more and more inquiries as this technology is a hotspot of recent days.” More details about the analytical services related to TCR or BCR are available at the official website (


Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of biotechnology to support drug discovery, especially in the field of antibody production, engineering, and analysis. Since establishment in 2004, the scientist teams have accomplished over 500 sequencing cases, received a good reputation, accumulated rich experience, and obtained regular clients in the industry. Based on the exclusive technology platforms, Creative Biolabs has confidence in dealing with the tricky issues encountered by customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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