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December 12
03:06 2020 Discusses Using a Cognitive Ability Test as Part of the Hiring Process Within a Company

Companies might ask individuals applying for a new job to take one or more cognitive ability tests. These tests look at a person’s abilities in areas such as memory and verbal ability. Employers rely on them to determine a person’s potential when it comes to using mental processes to solve challenges or learn new information relating to their work duties. 

Types of Cognitive Abilities Tests

When a person thinks of a cognitive ability test, the intelligence test typically comes to mind. However, these tests often have sections designed to assess a specific mental factor. For example, the test might include a section on reading comprehension and another section on mathematical computations. In addition, these tests often look at a person’s abilities with spatial relations. Individuals considering the use of these assessments should get more info on the tests before choosing one for their organization.

Certain tests combine the results into a single score the employer uses to make a hiring determination. They view this score as a way to determine the individual’s general mental ability and how they might perform on the job. However, some tests score each section to assess a person’s skill in a particular area. The employer must decide which type of test they prefer potential employees to use for this purpose. Wonderlic makes tests for this purpose, and employers may visit the site to get a better understanding of the options available to them. 

The Benefits of Cognitive Abilities Tests

Traditional tests of this type remain well-standardized. The items found on these tests obtain reliable scores, and employers appreciate being able to administer the test to multiple individuals simultaneously. The blend of question types varies by the test. With many tests available today, employers find it easy to choose an exam that meets their specific needs. In fact, some manufacturers now offer tests that assess the abilities associated with a specific job or organization. 

Choosing a Test

Employers must consider several factors when choosing a test of this type. Look into the validity of the test, as this serves as a good predictor of the applicant’s job performance and training success. These tests work best for highly complex jobs or training. In addition, a test designed for a specific job or type of job has higher face validity. Employers need to take this into consideration when selecting a cognitive ability test for job applicants. The top cognitive ability tests to measure cognitive abilities of your future employee provide results an employer can count on. 

Choose an administration method, as some tests only come electronically, while other assessments may be administered via paper and pen. According to, users must recognize that these tests tend to produce racial and ethnic differences that skew the results. As a result, use them with other job performance predictors. 

When a company opts to use a cognitive ability test with potential applicants, they must decide whether to purchase a test or have one developed. Purchasing an established test costs less than having one created specifically for their organization or that position. Most tests don’t require any special knowledge on the part of the administrator, but be certain this is the case before selecting a test to use.

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