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Understanding Travel Anxiety and Tips to Cope

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Understanding Travel Anxiety and Tips to Cope

December 11
03:12 2020
Understanding Travel Anxiety and Tips to Cope
Most people tend to experience pre-travel anxiety, whether it is their first trip or the 100th. Others, on the other hand, experience this every time during their travel. From being scared of flying, adapting to the new destination of packing for the trip, this feeling can be troublesome and stressful. That is why Jenny from Wandering Traveler is here to share some tips on coping with this.

Jenny has been traveling for over 20 years and has had anxiety for 22 years. She has had amazing journeys and some vacations that didn’t go to plan. Through all her ups and downs she says she will never stop exploring the world. She takes her anxiety head on and makes the best of her adventures.

Travelling to any destination ideally should be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, it often leaves some people, even the most experienced and seasoned travelers, with butterflies in their stomachs and spinning heads. Often, this anxiety comes with the stress about how things will be before and during the journey. The most disturbing questions such people ask themselves are if they will get to the airport on time and how the adventure will be in general.

Ideally, there is no single cause of anxiety. Different people experience this situation in various ways, but the underlying truth is that it is disturbing and can make a once-thought amazing journey to be one hell of a nut to crack. Whether it is the fear of travelling alone, a history of anxiety or the influence of horror stories other people say, there is a solution or ways to cope with travel anxiety.

One of the most important things anyone can do is to identify the source of their travel anxiety. This may involve writing down all the things that may bring about the stress, such as the fear of travelling or the fear of missing home or getting sick abroad. Once such a person knows the problems, they can tackle them by talking to a doctor or choosing to book a group tour for company. Also if traveling alone, anyone having that one person can call no matter what hour, is a great help. If anyone is traveling in a group, they should let others know what they are going through and the signs they have when they are having an attack.

Another crucial step to take is looking after oneself in the weeks leading to the trip. Regardless of the history of travel anxiety, consider practicing a bit of self-care to avoid any anxiety triggers, feel cool, calm and collected before the journey. Some personal therapies to pursue, like mindfulness and meditation, are excellent ways to deal with anxiety. Not to forget exercising and getting active, which are the surest means of dealing with depression.

Using distractions is also an excellent way to deal with anxiety. Instead of concentrating on the sensation on the body, doing other things in the journey can go a long way to calm the nerves. These may include bringing a good long book, a favorite magazine, a journal to write down all the amazing things during your trip. If not, then taking photos cannot fail to bring a significant difference in how one feels.

If any of these fails, then accepting the symptoms and situation can be a perfect means of coping. Panic attacks often heighten within a few minutes and gradually taper off by themselves. It happens to everyone, and regardless of the magnitude of the stress one is having, conceding to the symptoms will reduce the symptoms and strengthen the sense of control. And as Jenny says, no one is alone!

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