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Kevin Szura Aims to Counter Plastic Pollution to Create a Better Future

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Kevin Szura Aims to Counter Plastic Pollution to Create a Better Future

December 11
02:22 2020
Kevin Szura Aims to Counter Plastic Pollution to Create a Better Future

Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest pursuits of today’s generation. But while many solutions have been presented to counter the problems posed by plastics and other pollutants, the fight still continues. At the forefront of the battle is the college student Kevin Szura, who uses entrepreneurship as a tool for positive change.

Kevin Szura is the founder and CEO of Tooley, a company that produces portable, reusable utensils to make a dent in plastic pollution. The young entrepreneur realized how people were using plastic utensils for every take-out or to-go order in the name of convenience without realizing how one plastic spoon can add to the entirety of the plastic problem. Hence, he wanted to provide an innovative solution by encouraging people to carry their own Tooley anywhere. 

Additionally, Tooley was born amid the onset of the pandemic. Being in New York City, Kevin Szura saw the health risks of eating outside his home and immediately set out to bring his own utensils wherever he went. The CEO then realized that he must not have been the only one having such a problem. So he braved the industry by introducing an innovation that would reshape how people dine forever. 

“I was always volunteering to help clean up the environment and aid in different ways like reusing plastic, etc. With the amount of plastic cutlery we waste in every order, especially on takeout and food trucks, I wanted to make a difference,” said Kevin Szura. Besides being an advocate for environmental change, Tooley also presents a solution for keeping everyone safe amid the global crisis. The CEO felt fulfilled as the launching of the product went successfully in his community.

Kevin Szura has always been vocal about his sentiments on people’s lifestyle, especially with their excessive use and contribution to plastic pollution. Studies reveal that the United States alone produces a staggering 42 million metric tons of plastic waste in 2016 and is considered one of the top contributors to ocean plastic pollution. With Tooley, the CEO hopes to inspire others to change their ways and aim for a better, healthier future. “The environment has always been my passion as we all share this earth we live in. I think that if we don’t find ways to help take care of and clean it up it will be detrimental to our children,” shared Kevin.

It is today’s generation’s responsibility to keep the earth as habitable as possible for the generations to come, and Kevin Szura is leading the battlefront for others to follow. Tooley is more than just a product but a symbol of change. Kevin also aims to donate a percentage of the company’s profit to worthy environmental organizations to better aid in the fight against plastic. 

Inspired by entrepreneurs Gary Vee and Elon Musk, Kevin Szura also envisions building a legacy of his own and changing the world with a revolutionary product. Asked where he sees his company in five years, the CEO proudly shared that he aims to take Tooley across the country and Canada. 

Learn more about Kevin Szura and Tooley on their website.

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