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How The Ecommerce Growth Agency “Scaling Davids” Helps Business Owners Showing Ads To The Right People On Facebook.

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How The Ecommerce Growth Agency “Scaling Davids” Helps Business Owners Showing Ads To The Right People On Facebook.

December 09
16:57 2020
Facebook knows a lot of things about its users. Some sources claim about 5,000 data points for every person on the platform while others say they are much more, around 35,000.

Whatever the number, Facebook knows the behaviour of its users. That’s a huge opportunity for eCommerce businesses, and the guys at Scaling Davids know that. Since the two partners (Luca De Benedetto and Andrea Tonetti) founded the agency, they’ve been leveraging this channel to help lots of eCommerce store owners growing and scaling their businesses online.

Let’s imagine for a moment a store selling makeup cosmetics that want to advertise its business on TV: the target is obviously formed by women but how is it possible to control which gender watches the ads? It’s simply impossible.

With Facebook, there’s no such issue: it’s possible to choose to whom the ads will be shown, for example, women, aged 18-35, who have a specific interest in cosmetics. Which of the two campaigns will be more relevant to the target (and therefore more effective)? TV or Facebook? The answer is pretty clear.

And that’s just a small part of the infinite potential of Facebook advertising. But it’s not as easy as it may look.

Targeting the right users on Facebook (which includes, in its network, Instagram) it’s no picnic. It requires experience and deep knowledge of all the possibilities the detailed targeting gives on the ad set level. One little mistake and lots of money can be wasted showing ads to the wrong users.

One simple trick to avoid mistakes is to have a clear buyer persona in mind: who is the potential customer? How old is she/he? What’s her/his job? What are her/his hobbies? Once this is clear, the best practice is to create a checklist with the following:

Geo (where is she/he living). Age. Gender. Interests. * Connections to the business (i.e. is she/he a fan of the Facebook page?)

It’s important to pay close attention to all the above points: just as an example, a couple of years more added to the targeting options (for example, women 18-50 instead of 18-45) means millions of additional users in the target audience who might not be interested in the products. Facebook charges for every impression (the number of times your ad is shown to a user), regardless these have been displayed to the right target or not.

Keeping all of these in mind can save business money that can be easily turned into revenue if used to show ads to the right target.

As the guys from Scaling Davids say, “eCom Growth starts from ABC, and Facebook Targeting is A”.

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