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Databoards Wants Business Owners to Know That (Analyzed) Data Is Gold

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Databoards Wants Business Owners to Know That (Analyzed) Data Is Gold

December 09
16:12 2020
Databoards is revolutionizing how businesses capture, collect, and analyze their data to gain valuable insights.

Houston, Texas – December 09, 2020 – The sole desire of Databoards is to make sure it is literally the single most profitable investment a business makes, period. Databoards is based off one simple fact: properly analyzed data is gold. Every business needs to capitalize on the vast amounts of data they have to be able to make timely, valuable decisions. Properly analyzed data is an essential piece of a company’s overall strategy.

Ryan Vaughn, Founder of Databoards said, “With the vast amounts of data being capturing, small to medium companies are finding themselves without the talent or resources to properly model and analyze large datasets.”

Investing in analytics with Databoards may be the missing link between a business making decisions in a day or in a minute. First, Databoards will work with the company to store all their data in a central location, called a data warehouse. Next, they will find the insights using advanced analytics. Lastly, Databoards will create real time dashboards that are updated in real time as new data is captured, thus allowing companies to make decisions in real time.

“With the global pandemic, it doesn’t make sense to hire a visualization expert in house for $100k a year. Also, with companies’ rapid adoption of technology, you can now find the best talent anywhere in America, not just within your city,” said Ryan Vaughn.

Databoards is only for companies that are ready to take their analytics to the next level. This usually means that companies have more than 10 employees, and multiple softwares that are capturing data (or admin that is inputting it into a spreadsheet). Databoards will then create data models and dashboards that update in real time with all the companies’ most valuable insights.

For more information call 512.487.7572 or go to

About Ryan Vaughn:

Ryan Vaughn is the founder of Databoards which is a data modeling and analytics firm that speeds up the decision making process by giving companies the right insights at the right time in real time.

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