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JT Construction Group, Inc. Partners With LAUSD To Conduct Photocatalysis Test

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JT Construction Group, Inc. Partners With LAUSD To Conduct Photocatalysis Test

December 09
10:15 2020
JT Construction Group, Inc. Partners With LAUSD To Conduct Photocatalysis Test
The Los Angeles Unified School District, (LAUSD) partners with JT Construction Group, Inc. to conduct a demonstration of the disinfecting properties of photocatalysis as schools reopen amid COVID-19

On September 2nd, the Los Angeles Unified School District, (LAUSD) took a major step in the quest to control the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, specifically to provide a healthy classroom environment free of disease-causing pathogens and free of toxic vapors from disinfectants that irritate lung-tissues. Consequently, JT Construction Group, Inc. conducted a demonstration of the disinfecting properties of a natural process called photocatalysis (light-activated).

Using an air quality testing device, the company first measured the amount of pollutants floating in the air of the selected classroom, with trained installers subsequently applying three layers of a very thin, water-based, mineral film onto the ceiling. The product is an inert, non-toxic mineral catalyst called FN NANO® Photocatalytic Film, which is an integral part of the photocatalytic disinfecting system. It contains titanium dioxide, an ingredient commonly found in toothpaste and sunblock, and calcium carbonate, the mineral in eggshells. 

The natural daylight in the classroom activated the mineral crystals in the film producing the phenomena called photocatalysis, turning the system into a powerful killer of all types of viruses and bacteria, while cleaning the air of all types of toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

LAUSD officials verified the enormous improvement in the air quality.

The FN NANO® system is installed onto the ceilings because warm air rises. HVAC systems and the heat produced by the bodies warms the air to create small drafts that move the air upwards, carrying microscopic particles including bacteria and viruses towards the ceiling. This leads to viruses and bacteria continue floating in the air or spreading through the ventilation A/C systems into other classrooms and throughout the entire building. Unfortunately, hand sanitizers and other disinfectant agents currently used in the classrooms have been identified to produce toxic vapors that linger in the air long after the sanitizing action of the disinfectant has stopped. These fumes irritate the respiratory system, worsen respiratory infections, and in some cases, contribute to the development of cancers.

Exposure to disinfectants is of special concern for people with underlying medical conditions, such as asthma or other respiratory illnesses as these conditions are exacerbated by exposure to toxic disinfectant vapors. Consequently, it is important to control the spread of disease-causing viruses, while mitigating the toxic effects of the sanitizing agents, which reiterates the benefits of the photocatalytic disinfection system.

Upon installation, the FN NANO® Photocatalytic System destroys viruses and other pathogens from the air, breaking apart harmful molecules through the powerful action of photocatalysis, and preventing their spread through the ventilation system to limit harm.

The FN NANO® Photocatalytic System works silently and around the clock with no toxic chemicals or allergens released into the environment. The solution offers a cost-effective solution for keeping children and staff safe from airborne pathogens.

The FN NANO® Photocatalytic System is a Device registered with the EPA Est. No. 98799-NV-1 and proudly manufactured in the USA.

For more information about FN NANO® Photocatalytic System and how to enjoy the benefits of the perfect environmental disinfectant, please visit MACOMA Environmental Technologies,

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