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Data By A Garage Door Repair Company In Fort Mill Shows Lack Of Maintenance As Leading Cause Of Failure

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Data By A Garage Door Repair Company In Fort Mill Shows Lack Of Maintenance As Leading Cause Of Failure

December 08
13:36 2020
Data By A Garage Door Repair Company In Fort Mill Shows Lack Of Maintenance As Leading Cause Of Failure
The leading cause of garage door failure, according to Tip Top Garage Doors Fort Mill, is neglect. A lack of timely maintenance causes up to 75% of garage door failure.

Many homeowners may often report that they are unsatisfied with a garage door because it requires frequent repairs. While some garage door repairs can be expensive, like replacing the torsion springs or the entire garage door opener, most repairs can be prevented. Data gathered by Tip Top Garage Doors Fort Mill shows that most garage doors fail because their owners don’t invest in annual inspections and repairs. The inability to spot and fix a potential issue during an inspection leads to an expensive repair bill down the line. 

While it is possible that a garage door service hired by a home or business owner didn’t do a good job, in most cases, that particular repair could have been prevented. However, a reputed garage door repair service will offer warranties for the parts they replace. A professional technician will also be able to tell a home or business owner if a particular repair will mean that the garage door performs reliably or if they will continue to have the same issue some months later. 

Today with garage doors costing upwards of $3000, annual inspections and maintenance can save people money, which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked. Home and business owners are advised to read through reviews and speak with neighbors to find the best possible garage door repair service to handle maintenance for them. 

Readers can find out more about Tip Top Garage Doors Fort Mill by visiting their official website here

When talking about the importance of annual garage door inspections, a company representative said, “We offer both repair and inspection services. However, if you have a relatively new garage door, that’s out of warranty for the most part, but you want to make sure that it is reliable, then an annual inspection should be on the cards. An annual inspection will help us identify potential issues, and fix them before they get any worse and consequently cost you a lot of money to fix.” 

The representative also said that garage door springs were a common point of failure because “…a lack of track and gear lubrication can put a lot of pressure on the springs. Consider the fact that a garage door weighs several hundred pounds, weight which is compounded if the springs also need to handle resulting friction.”

About the Company:

Tip Top Garage Doors Fort Mill provides an extensive list of garage door repair and maintenance services. Based in Fort Mill, they have been servicing the city and adjoining areas for a very long time. A team of experienced garage door technicians and their ability to keep up with the latest technology has kept them one step ahead of the competition. 

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