“Sugarland” by Harold Krakower Inspires Children to Enjoy their Dreams

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“Sugarland” by Harold Krakower Inspires Children to Enjoy their Dreams

November 10
20:04 2020
"Sugarland" by Harold Krakower Inspires Children to Enjoy their Dreams

Harold Krakower’s Sugarland is a bed-time storybook that describes the vivid fantasies of a young kid, Sarah, who experiences them in her sleep. Sarah is led into the fantasy world, Sugarland, by a friendly butterfly. The book creates a magical world for young kids who could look forward to a dream similar to Sarah’s to enjoy the fantasies that a beautiful dream has to offer.

The story tells the tale of Sarah, who goes to bed one day and finds herself awakened by a beautiful butterfly. She climbs on its back and goes sightseeing to an amazing land called ‘Sugarland,’ where everything is made out of candy. There, she meets a very friendly bear, who is kind to her and invites her to his birthday party. How Sarah spends her time in Sugarland forms the essence of the story. She is then left back to her home by the butterfly to complete the story.

The story provides an engaging read for kids who will learn to accept the goodness in the world. Sarah is a happy child who lives with her caring parents. Alice, the warm, adventurous butterfly and Arnold, the bear, and his friends are all good to Sarah and give her a nice time at Sugarland. The fantasy provides a moral for children to share love and happiness. There are also challenges that Sarah has to surmount, which provides another set of lessons for kids.

The Sugarland stories are presented in five volumes, and children can read subsequent adventures of Sarah in all the books. In all the stories, Harold Krakower has been able to keep the interest of children on the story intact. He is able to maintain the pace of the story without being too indulgent in fantasies. The story is ably supported by graphics that are colorful and lively.

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